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A Community of Caring.

The Birthline Maternity Home provides a space where women with unintended pregnancies are housed, loved, cared for, and supported.

Our goal is to provide our Northern Colorado community with compassion and resources so that mothers and their babies may thrive in their new life together.


What is a Maternity Home?

It's a home for pregnant women who would likely otherwise be homeless. Northern Colorado has never had one, but has been in great need for quite some time.


The vision for the the Birthline Maternity Home is not just to house these women until their time of delivery, but it is to invest in them and care for them so they are set up for success long-term. We want them to be empowered, connected, and equipped to pursue their dreams in their next chapter of life.

Mother with her Baby

Our Mission

Birthline of Loveland, a non profit organization, offers its Maternity Home in the greater Loveland area to provide housing and supportive programming to women facing unplanned pregnancies.  We help them to achieve:

1.  Personal insight and stability

2.  Emotional health

3.  Relational investment

4.  Spiritual growth

5.  Financial security

6.  Vocational readiness

7.  Parental preparedness as they bring their babies to full-term and begin their new chapter as mothers. 

Get Involved

It takes a take village to support this project, these women, and their children. If you are interested in being part of this project we are excited to have you get involved in helping in this great, innovative, and life-giving way!   We also need volunteers and donations of time, money, and household items.   Please visit our GET INVOLVED page for more information.

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